About me

Hi. My name is Timi S and welcome to my website. Friends of mine call me Tim so feel free to do that too. I share on this website some basic but frequently required information about me and my projects. At the moment the project list is a bit short, but don't worry, I'll update it as soon as things evolve.

What do I do?

I'm a software developer by trade with interest in finance and health related matters. For a short time I worked for a woderfull finance related stock broker. The subprime crisis ate our company and it was time to move on. I found a new home from consultancy business. I was appointed to a finance related project. Which was after the initial start trusted to my supervision. Things expanded and soon I had an other project under my control. So far my code and projects are used by local municipalities, government minstries and publicly listed companies. We are talking about tens of thousands of users here.

After few years things escalated and even more responsibility was given. I was moved internally in our company to an other subsidiary, away from consultancy. This time the business consisted of one third of our whole companys revenue. Yep. That is a pretty damn hughe responsibilty. But my goal here is to make things even bigger and greater. Me and a co-worker, that makes two together, are responsible for all the operational activities, deliveries, R&D, sales support as well as cost estimating in our subsidiary, planning of daily activities and well making sure that the customer gets what he needs. That's a lot responsibilty and handling all of this wouldn't be possible withouth such a talented co-worker. Well what the heck. That is quite a lot of responsibility even for two guys. But I dont mind the responsibility. It's very satisfying to see that our subsidiary is thriving thanks to our (my co-worker, sales people and me) contribution.

What about the health? Well. My beautiful girlfriend of five years is a soon-to-be medical doctor. I have a privilege to receive daily lectures about various health related topics from her. Furthermore I am developing a little health related application. What kind of application? I'll update it here as soon as I have something concrete to show.

The times before office job

Some might wonder, have I ever done a physical job. Then answer is yes. I started my working career at the age of 13. The job was simple: mailman. I delivered something what we all love so much: advertisements. I did that job for two years. After those years I have been the everyday warehouse guy, phone seller and a mover (helping people to move between apartments).

At the same time I got interested in programming. Before age 10 I made my first website. We are talking 90's here. So think about it! I was a true forerunner. Soon after I learned some C++ and assembler and wrote my first extremely simple operating system. Thanks Linus Torvalds for the inspiration! Please don't consider I am some c++ hacker. These days if you ask me a C or C++ related question, I'll just run away.

What technologies have I used?

So what skills do I have? That is the question. For my finance related career I programmed mostly with Java and used Oracle database (11g to be exact). PostgreSQL, MySQL, JavaScript and (the horrors of) PHP were also used.

In the consultancy JavaScript, Asp.net (MVC, OWIN, WebAPI and WebForms), Angular, Azure, Azure SQL, Bower, C#, CSS, Entity Framework, Grunt, Gulp, HTML5, Kali Linux, Less, Sass, SQL Server and TypeScript were used.

And now: on top of the consultancy stack: Dapper.net, dnxcore, Microsoft Excel, Sharepoint and Excel Services. Did I forget something?

On my personal projects, I also use Node.js, MongoDB and all other new (=hispter) technologies that come and go. I don't advertise those on my CV, because I don't have any expreience using them in a corporate environment or the understanding is not deep enough to be advertised.

Why is this webpage not responsive?

Well it is, but there is some development to do... Anyway thanks for pointing it out. :)

What about teams?

I think that work-buddies and especially team members should be treated with high respect, like a family. After all these are the persons you and I spend most of the time alive. I always wish that my team mates succeeds on their goals. And the success feels even better if I have had a chance to help them.

The education

Short answer: Major computer science, Minors: Mathematics and Information Systems Science.

I am a strong supporter of university level education. People often ask me, what is computer science? Is it studying computers? Or playing with Angular? My answer is creating computers and creating faremoworks like Angular is. To be more precise, I define computer science as the study of algorithms and data structures. If one can design an algorithm, implementing it with a defined syntax is trivial. In essence computer science is applied mathematics.

I might have mentioned before, but I have interest in business in general. Because of the computer sciences close connection to mathematics and my personal interest in the business I have studied two minors: mathematics and information systems science. The name "information systems science" is a bit missleading here. The minor was about management and leadership and little bit about cost management.